6 Tips for Strong Natural Nails

These 6 helpful hints will go a very long way in helping repair and maintain attractive natural nails.

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1. Minimize Exposure to Water
Nails that soak too much in water can become weak and brittle and even lead to peeling. Try to wear gloves when doing dishes. The nail has a strong protective layer, but once we compromise that layer then maintaining the correct moisture content of the nail becomes very difficult. Natural nail care is about reestablishing the balance of "moisture content" in your nail.  The nail is made of a very hard substance that is very difficult to penetrate, but prolonged soaking in water isn't good for them.

2. Take Precaution with Certain Products: 

Cleaning products often contain strong chemicals that can weaken the nail. Try to wear gloves when using these products. Also try to avoid excessive use of alcohol-based sanitizers. They severely dry out the nail. Use them if you must, but try to avoid excessive application to the nails (which acts to strip out the natural oils and makes nails dry and brittle).

3. Biotin / Collagen / Folic Acid etc
Biotin which is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It is a B vitamin that is water-soluble and so it isn’t stored by the body and needs to be consumed daily.  It can help strengthen hair and skin as well as nails and helps the body’s nervous system to function properly.

Most people get enough biotin naturally from their food (rich sources include cooked eggs and legumes) but for those that want to ensure daily intake then the dietary supplement, "Much more than just Biotin" is an excellent premium daily source.  It is not just biotin as it also contains collagen, silica, folic acid and more than 15 other vitamins, minerals and key ingredients.  There is an overlap in the ingredients that are great for nails, skin and hair.  This gel cap dietary supplement is a great addition for your nail and hair. 

Check with your healthcare professional before taking a dietary supplement.

4. Avoid Gel / Acrylic Nails

Yes, these have long been sold as a product for people with problem nails - but they also can create a dependency for life.  Nails salons are in a business that needs you to come in to their shop every couple weeks to maintain them. Anyone that has taken off these nails will tell you the damage it does to your natural nails so it is very difficult to break this cycle. You take them off and go "YUCK"  but them back on - and they have you for life.  There have also been some limited studies (with more studies needed) about the effect of the ultra violet light used for some gel nail polishes. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends you apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you expose your fingers and nails to UV light.  Breaking the cycle of nail damage caused by artificial nails is more possible than ever with the help of our natural nail strengtheners FlexiNail. 

5. Avoid or Take Breaks from Nail Polish

Nail polish can look great but constant use of polish, even less toxic polish, can weaken the nail. After using polish, remove the nail polish with an acetone-free polish remover, and then let your nails be polish-free for a week or more before reapplying a new color.  You can read all about MicroPore Nail Polish HERE and how to properly use nail polish within a nail care regime. 

6. Help your Nails with a Natural Conditioner

Even if you do everything right for your nails, environmental factors perhaps play the largest role in your nail health.  This includes some of the topics above (water, acrylics, sanitizer and polish use, dry weather etc). You will hear a lot of people say their nail problems are genetic but often it can simply be a case of what we expose our nails to - including the weather.  Properly maintained moisture content in the nails is critical for strong natural nails.  Too much moisture and you get weak nails (think coming out of a long bath) and too dry and the nails become brittle and crack. It isn't as simple as putting water on the nails though. Our nails were not designed to have all the things on them that modern society uses (dish soap, polish, acetone etc).  They have a strong protective coating that we have compromised.   FlexiNail was designed specifically to penetrate the nail plate and help the nail help itself.  It takes 25 seconds to brush it on once or twice a day - let it sit on the nails for a few minutes and then dab off any excess.  No need to remove the product or do anything else. It's that easy.


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