Want Strong Attractive Natural Nails?

Say Goodbye to Weak, Peeling or Splitting Nails - Guaranteed!

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FlexiNail is Different

We won't waste your time.

FlexiNail repairs dry, brittle, splitting or weak, peeling nails.

Even if you think you have "tried everything", our nail plate penetrating formulation will strengthen and repair your natural nails. It takes just 25 seconds to apply.


We welcome skeptics with our FlexiNail 100 day use guarantee. We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


Are you new to FlexiNail?

We can't and won't promise you overnight magical results, but we can promise that your initial patience will be WORTH IT!


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Below are just a handful of the thousands of customer comments and testimonials.

  • Susie Davis

    My nails haven’t been this strong maybe since I was in my teens! And I’m 60! I will recommend to anyone who complains about weak nails. Thank you! I’m so glad I found this.

  • Brenda White

    I cannot believe that after decades I now have fingernails that I do not try to hide.  It's like magic!  My nails were so dry and brittle. The least little bump would snap them off.

  • Tina Sleppy

    Definitely a believer. My nails were flaking and splitting constantly. It took 60 days to start looking decent. I have not had to clip my nails in a very long time. I love this stuff

  • Eileen Ball

    My nails have never been this long or healthy!  I am amazed and so happy with this product! I am ready to try FlexiNail Nail polish now. I used the nail conditioner several times a day because I wash my hands so often. Thank you, FlexiNail!

  • Wendy Munson

    I had gel nails for 30 years, and when I started I had chipped, broken, unhealthy nails. What a great product. Thank you

  • Marla Weikle

    I had worn acrylic nails for 27 years. They were a mess, and took more than 100 days, but they look amazing. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this good. This is all thanks to FlexiNail. Love this product.

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An initial skeptic talks about FlexiNail
Pam Pfennig was initially very skeptical of FlexiNail. She took the time to make a video review of FlexiNail and we hope it helps you decide if FlexiNail is right for you.

25 second video showing how
easy FlexiNail is to apply:

Why Should you Consider FlexiNail?

Everyone should rightfully be skeptical of all the nail care products out there. At FlexiNail though, we won't waste your time. Our products are different and we do back that up. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau so you can be sure of a worry free purchase experience.

Please do NOT consider FlexiNail for your nail care needs if you want instant results. Breaking the cycle of nail damage and then maintaining these nails does INITIALLY take some time. We can't say precisely how much time because everyone's starting out nail condition and environment is different. We can say that once you break the cycle of nail damage that it is really easy to maintain strong, attractive looking natural nails. Our customers love FlexiNail products because they work. We hope you will take the time to read some testimonials and the frequently asked questions page to see if FlexiNail is right for you.

  • FlexiNail fingernail conditioner for weak, dry, peeling or brittle nails.

    Nail and Cuticle Care

    Properly conditoned nails and cuticles are critical for natural nail care. Simple to apply and easy to maintain nails takes just about 25 seconds a day.

    Nail Conditioner 
  • FlexiNail non-acetone soy based polish remover is a needed add to your nail care regimen when you reintroduce nail polish and color

    Less Harsh Polish Remover

    Once your nails are in great shape and you want to use polish again, please consider use of our MicroPore polish and non-acetone soy-based polish remover.

    Polish and Remover 
  • FlexiNail Toe conditioner contains added natural anti fungal ingredients to help with all the time that toe nails spend in dark and damp places

    Fungus Issues

    Toe nails spend a lot of time in dark and damp places. FlexiNail toe products condition the nails and also contain added natural anti fungal ingredients

    Toe Nail Care 
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