Nail Polish Usage with FlexiNail

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Nail Polish Usage with FlexiNail

Whether you are brand new to FlexiNail or you have been using it - many of you have questions about the use of nail polish and your natural nails.

We always try to encourage new FlexiNail users to go without polish at the start. It is so much easier to maintain nice nails down the road if you start by getting them in great shape before starting to apply color or polish.

When you decide it is time and you want to start using color try and follow some simple ideas...

  • When you go to take the color off - use a NON acetone based nail polish remover (FlexiNail makes a great one). It still strips more than the color off your nail - but it is much less harsh on your nails than acetone.
  • When the color comes off, take a "break" and do NOT reapply a new color right away.  When the color comes off, use FlexiNail once or twice a day for a week or longer.  After several of these color on and off cycles, take a look at the nails and evaluate if you can shorten the time of the break or if they seem to need a few extra days between color changes. Remember that just as it takes some time for bad nails to get better with proper care - it also takes some time for good nails to show they are getting bad again - so make changes to your nail routine slowly.

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