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Linda Himmel: Here are my nail pictures. As you can see, FlexiNail gave me back my nails. I’m a customer for life! 

Abby N.: I started using Flexinail Oct 2020 after having artificial nails for a long time. I used it 2X daily along with the FlexiNail cuticle conditioner.  After two months I finally have nice nails, they no longer split and peel!  I've used so many products my entire life and nothing has worked for me. I will continue to use Flexinail!  This product WORKS! I highly recommend it. Sorry my pics came out of order, but I know you'll know which is the before.

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From skeptic to thrilled. Pam describes how she found FlexiNail for dry, brittle, peeling and cracking fingernails:

Marla Weikle: I had worn acrylic nails for 27 years. They were a mess, and took more than 100 days, but they look amazing. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this good. This is all thanks to FlexiNail. Love this product.


Carole Jepsen: Best nail product ever, and I have tried them all. I just had to shorten my nails and they were hard to file! Excuse my 72 year old hands.


Margo Hall: Guess what? I now have nails! Thank you, FlexiNail


Megan Aubry:  "I do not do reviews online- ever. But, when I began using FlexiNail this spring, I decided to document the terrible condition of my nails so that I could send in before and after photos, should your product actually work.

Patience is a virtue and I did need it, especially weeks 6-9 of use.
I can say that this is finally something that works, and over many years I have tried multiple ‘nail hardeners’ and other products to have decent looking fingernails. Nothing worked until now.
I have already gotten one friend to start using it. Anyone with bad nails need to try it."

Melissa Mengelkamp: Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product. I really didn’t think it would work but my nails have improved so much in about 2 months. 


Brenda White: I cannot believe that after decades I now have fingernails that I do not try to hide.  It's like magic! 
My nails were so dry and brittle.  The least little bump would snap them off. I had layers peeling, white lines on them. The only way I could stop the breaking was to have polish on.  But even though I tried to what I thought was 'right' (base coat, 2 layers colour, then a top coat),  before 24 hours the tips would all be worn off again.  So then I would stop using polish, but then they would breaking all the time again!    
I wish I had taken a Before Picture.  I didn't, but all you have to do is look at the worst of your Before pictures already posted here and you will see mine - they were identical. I have now used it every day for 104 days.  My nails not only look better, they feel so much better to touch them.
For special occasions, I'm thinking of trying your new porous type nail color and non-acetone polish remover.  But I no longer feel the need to cover my nails for either their look, or to keep them from breaking.
I would recommend your product to anyone who had nails like mine were. I will be 65 years old in one week.  Here is a photo of after 104 straight days of using FlexiNail.  Thank you.   Brenda

Barbara Emri: My nails have never been this long all at the same time and strong as well. FlexiNail is a wonderful product. You do have to stick with it in the beginning (be faithful and use it for at least 2-3 months) and you'll love your results!

FlexiNail Nails

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Cheryl and her FlexiNail experience:

Becky Smith: Look at these 72 year old nails! Wish I’d taken a before picture. After years of acrylics... never thought I would have nails like this. Beyond impressed.

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Diane Mercer: My nails have been weak all my life. 73 years. This is the first product that is working. Other products made my nails split and my nails took months to recover!! Very happy. I apply it at night before bed.

Scarlett Tucker Golleher: I’ve never ever been able to grow nails. Mine were paper thin and would split and tear easily. I’ve been using FlexiNail for about 3 months and all 10 of my nails are this long. (I keep having to file them down because they grow so fast.) They are thick and healthy. I love this product.

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Ester Stedman: Add me to the long list of satisfied customers. After taking my gel nails off in December, I really thought I was going to totally lose one nail (wish I had pictures). All the rest were cracked, broken, ridged and paper thin. It took me about 2 months to get to this point. Never going back!

Gail Drake: Flexinail has really helped my short, peeling, splitting nails to grow. They’ve never looked this good before.

PZ: I have been looking for your product my whole life!! I have always had thick nails that constantly peeled or broke. I started using your product mid-December. The first two months I was really skeptical because I still had peeling and without nailpolish to protect them they were always very short. But then magically the peeling stopped and my nails were growing faster than ever. It’s now been almost 5 months and I have the nails I’ve always dreamed of. You have a customer for life!!


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Stephanie Porter Sieradzki: For nearly a decade (since I entered the Big M), this nail had had a painful vertical crack right down the middle into my nailbed by about .2 of an inch, and whenever it would grow past my nailbed, the growth was flimsy and flakey. I am completely astounded by what this product has done for this nail alone! The rest of my nails are the longest and strongest they have been in years. I don't know exactly what's in it, but it seriously works.



Tracie Boone: I've NEVER felt the need to write a review for hardly anything I've bought online but this stuff has actually been awesome.
I've had acrylic nails since I was 18, I'm now 44. Since Covid hit I couldn't go get my fill in so I took them off for the first time in forever. I tried several times throughout the years to go without them but could never get my regular nails to grow and if they did start to grow they stayed very thin and brittle so I gave up trying to go without the Acrylics. Well, when Covid hit I decided to try this stuff and it has given me my REAL nails back!!! You gotta stay with it, apply some each day faithfully and over time you will have nails again!!!!  
This stuff is awesome, I'll be continuing for sure!!! 

Benita Knopp Langley: I am really impressed 😳 It really works ! Before and After! 3 months

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Peter M.: My wife got me the toe product to see if it could help with my awful fungus problem I've had for decades. It took a long time but I finally see the new nail growth coming in!!!!!!  Even the part that has the fungus looks so much better than it did but I hope this will all grow out now.

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BettyFarry: I started using FlexiNail for my finger nails a couple of years ago and thought I would try the toe nail product. I couldn’t be happier. It’s the best! Took a few months to see results but it’s worth the persistence! Thank you so much for your wonderful products.


Cathy Doyle Tigges: I have had horrible nails for years. Every nail issue (besides biting), I had. Brittle, vertical splits, yellowing, chipping, no growth. FlexiNail worked for me.

Pam Mastruserio: I am 68 yrs old and have had terrible splitting peeling short nails for my entire life. Started using FlexiNail about 8 weeks ago and this is the best my nails have ever been!!! 

Pam Bristol: I was skeptical, my nails peel and break and split. But, a month and a half in and I have nice nails!

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Christine Ellsworth Lau: I really doubted that these reviews were real, but late one night I bought FlexiNail anyway. It is amazing! I use it daily and have diligently been trimming my split nails and now they are growing out completely healthy and strong! I’m a believer and highly recommend.

Dianne Love Nelson: this stuff is so great. I have nails for the first time in 50 years.

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Robin Slaby: Had artificial nails for over 20 years . Even tried the dip gel two years ago. Nails have been horrible ever since stopping. Have tried numerous products. This is the first product to actually work. It does take almost 100 days without nail polish of any kind and using daily. Sometimes several times a day , as I am cooking and washing my hands constantly. My birthday tomorrow and i have never been happier. I have all 10 nails. Amazing product and will keep ordering it.

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Susie Tubekis Davis: 

Okay...here’s my update!
My nails haven’t been this strong maybe since I was in my teens! And I’m 60! I’d mentioned I am on a thyroid med and I’d heard it could mess up nails and cause hair loss. Well....i think it’s done a bit a both, but now I can saw WOW to FlexiNail! I just ordered the new larger bottle for my 2nd order. I have also recommended it to my friend whose daughter has been fighting weak nails all her 19 years....as a younger person, who wouldn’t want pretty nails? Anyway, I am smitten with how this finally took care of my thumb nail issue. That sucker! It had a split in the middle of it that no matter how short I cut it or filed it, it came back. Y’all told me to keep on applying and I did and I swear one day, it was all better! Wild! I have had 2 breaks, but those were my fault...I crash my nails into things a lot. But they really look good. I bought the acetone free remover, because who doesn’t wanna put polish on these pretty thangs? 🙌🏼 theyre even longer now since I took this photo! I will recommend to anyone who complains about weak nails. Thank you! I’m so glad I found this on fb. 😍

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Patricia: I am 60 years old and inherited terrible nails--thin peeling splitting

nails. Over the years I have tried every product I could find--from drugstores online magazines. For a couple years I had acrylic nails until my nails started separating from the nail beds. I found Flexinail online by googling key words in the search box. The testimonials convinced me to at least try. From the beginning I have been diligent applying Flexinail twice a day. Unlike nail polish it's easy to do just slop it on and wait 10 minutes. It sinks in nicely. I wrote a 3 month deadline date in my calendar so that I wouldn't get impatient thinking my nails would have to grow completely out to see a difference. But after only 3 weeks I could tell my nails were healthier less dry shinier. At 1 and 1/2 months my nails were pretty a little white tip and stronger. Now after 3 months they are long and strong. I actually have to cut them. Unbelievable!

Susan Jones: so much improvement!! Love this product.

 Specials: Ready for Attractive NATURAL Nails?

Anne Stearns Pardun: This product is totally restructuring and rebuilding my nails. Years of splitting, weak and unattractive nails are now growing strong and longer than ever!  No splitting so much stronger!!



Tobie Kahn Scheibel: I am so impressed with results after 5 weeks. Never before was I was never able to get past the first month after deciding to go natural. My nails are coming along very well. Thank you for this awesome product.

Jean from Clifton NJ: I have been using your product for about 3 months. I am extremely pleased with the results so far!! I have had terrible peeling nails for over 30 years and have always been embarrassed by how bad my nails look. I have tried every product on the market and they were all a waste of money. Nothing ever worked. I would recommend this product to anyone who has given up hope with their nails.

Susie Nickelson Alexander: Your product is amazing! First thing I’ve ever tried that actually works. Now that they are long enough to actually wear polish, do you have a polish? ... I’ve been using your product for about 2 1/2 months

Debbie Betlow: Looking great 2 1/2 months in, twice a day. So strong! No more acrylic or dip nails for me! Just the real thing. Thank you Flexi Nail

Lily, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Great product guys! It took a while but I was patient and now my nails are back on track! They're strong and they don't peel anymore - and finally got some length! I painted them for the first time in months and they look fab. Thanks a million :-)

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Deborah, Elburn Illinois

Hi! I absolutely love your product. I had acrylic nails on for over 20 years. I was tired of the expense and decided to take them off. But my real nails were even worse than they were before I had the acrylics put on. My natural nails were thin peeling and brittle. Now they are 400% better!
Thanks! Debby

Dianne Love Nelson: this stuff is so great. I have nails for the first time in 50 years.

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Karin, Buford GA

This stuff is absolutely amazing!! I am 53 and have never had fingernails until now! It takes awhile for it to start working but don't give up because once it does you will be thrilled with the results! Truly amazing!!

Barb, Moorhead MN

My experience has been all that I hoped for and more. I have been using the product for 4 months and have nails like I have not had since I was in high school... over 45 years ago. I wore acrylics for 4 years and thought I could never have decent nails. I am hooked. Keep one in my car and one in my purse. Definitely want to try the Toe product now. Your customer service is exceptional. Thank you for a product that truly lives up to all you say it will do.

Alan, Grass Valley CA (Classical Guitarist)

I am a classical guitar player. My nails on my right hand are essential to be able to produce the proper tone and projection. For years I have had difficulty maintaining strong nails. I would routinely have breakage and chipping and I would have to wait for the nail to grow out to an acceptable length only to have the next incident happen again. I started using Flexinails about 8 months ago. I now have basically zero problems with my nails. They are healthy strong and they even seem to be growing in faster. The thickness of the treated nails is noticeably greater. I could not be happier with this product. I would note that the nails are not flexible to the degree that the videos I've seen on this product but that is not a concern of mine. The overall results are exactly what I was looking for.

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Charles, Arvada Colorado (Classical Guitarist)

I play classical guitar (not well but with enthusiasm) so nails are very important. Until I heard of Flexinail worrying about nail was a constant and irritating anxiety. Flexinail has changed that completely: my nails are now flexible and tough and no longer much of a worry. Thanks!

A few shorter ones...

Pamela Davis:  "I was hoping to have beautiful nails by the time I had an engagement ring on my finger. Guess what, I have both now. Thank you so much. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT."

Cash, Frisco TX:  "ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC....this is the first time in my 63 years that I have MY nails looking good. I've been using for 9 months and the results are great. It is TRUE that it doesn't happen overnight but follow instructions and it WILL happen for you too."

Barbara, Kent UK: "Just wanted to say what a wonderful product flexinail is. My nails grow slowly maybe because I am 60 but I am now after 4 months reaping the rewards and what a wonderful feeling it is to have nails that look so healthy for such little effort. Thank you so much!"

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D. Trezek: "I started using your product after spending all of my life with terrible nails. I can not believe the difference. For the first time in my life I have beautiful nails."

Karen Crocker: "Over several years, I’ve tried MANY products to try and help my nails. I thought this product was expensive, but IF it worked, would be worth the price. I’ve been using it and it is helping so much! Patience is the key, it’s not an overnight fix, but IT WORKS and was worth the cost!"     

Deb, New Braunfels Texas: "Thank you so much I love your products. I do counseling services and wash my hands so many times a day. I used to have breaks all the time. Thank for a great product. I will be a customer FOREVER!"

Evelyn, Deurne Antwerpen: "Since I have started using this product I have long hard nails : ) I cannot recommend it enough just buy it and see the results urself :) U will be amazed !! :)"

Jane, Sutton NE: "This is the best nail treatment I have ever found. I work with water everyday and my nails were a mess but after I started using the flexinail they are so much better. At first I didn't think it was working but after about 3 months my nails started to grow and look better. Now they are long and strong. I will not buy anything else for my nails."

Carol, Saugerties New York: "This the greatest product I have ever used. My nails look great. Thank you so much."

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