Classical Guitarists

We almost found out by accident how many classical guitarists were using FlexiNail when we started getting question after question about where to get it in different countries and found out we were getting a lot or word of mouth from classical guitar musicians (order here with free shipping to: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand). We now know how important your nails are to you for what you do. We will post some specific emails and testimonials we received below. We hope to hear from you with your success stories in a few months.

DeMar, Bellevue Washington
I play flamenco guitar. I have tried EVERY other nail strengthener and hardener on the market. Nothing worked. Since using FlexiNail I have not b
roken a nail and there have been many instances in which I am sure a nail would have broken if I had not been using Flexi-Nail. Without strong nails I cannot play guitar. This has been a life saver.

Warwick - Guitar, Coventry UK
I decided to try Flexinail after many frustrating years trying to get decent nails for producing a good tone on my guitar. I have previously tried all the usual guitar based advice and none really gets an acceptable tone or is reliable and consistent. Flexinail does exactly what it says on the tin. After 3 months my nails are stronger and healthier than ever before. I have not chipped the edge once and I can shape the nail easily for guitar use. The nail edge can be polished to produce great tone and it is completely consistent. Flexinail is a revelation and the answer to tricky nail problems for guitarists.

Alan, Grass Valley CA
I am a classical guitar player. My nails on my right hand are essential to be able to produce the proper tone and projection. For years I have had difficulty maintaining strong nails. I would routinely have breakage and chipping and I would have to wait for the nail to grow out to an acceptable length only to have the next incident happen again. I started using Flexinails about 8 months ago. I now have basically zero problems with my nails. They are healthy strong and they even seem to be growing in faster. The thickness of the treated nails is noticeably greater. I could not be happier with this product. I would note that the nails are not flexible to the degree that the videos I've seen on this product but that is not a concern of mine. The overall results are exactly what I was looking for.

Ken Turfitt
     I e-mailed you a while back and told you I am a guitar player. To make a long story short, for the last 33 years my nails have been a constant source of misery. I have tried every thing on the market, and I do mean "EVERYTHING"
but it has always been the same old story. Sooner or later, and usually sooner, my nails would split or crack on the sides. They might have grown rather quickly, but what good is that when they split almost right at the cuticle.
     Anyway, I want you to know that after using your product I can actually push my nails down like you do in your video and they spring back up because they are now just that flexible. Which means, no more splitting or tearing while playing my guitar. I don't know if you can do it but if you could market your product in music stores and colleges that have a classical guitar program, not only would you be in the money but you would be doing a great service to all guitar players that pick with their fingers because they all have this same problem and it really is a torment because it doesn't matter how great of a guitar you have, if your nails aren't right , you can;t get the sound. Please feel free to use my testimony if you think it might help your business. I owe you at least that much.

Ian H., Minneapolis MN
I am a professional classical guitarist. We use our finger nails to pluck the strings and flexibility and strength is our main concern with nails. This product is the only one that I have found that really does improve flexibility and strength even in the dry cold of northern winters. It really works and I recommend it without reservation. It does take a while to have an effect initially but be patient - it works.
Another important issue is that this product is safe and healthy for the skin. I have skin allergies and many products trigger a reaction. FlexiNail has caused no allergic reaction whatsoever.

Tom, UK
I've been using Flexinail for just over 4 months. Before that I was using a nail conditioner/hand moisturiser daily. My nails were quite good but would break in from the edge every now and then. I was constantly filing out cracked edges or superglueing on silk over tears.
Since using flexinail there was an immediate and continued improvement. I put it on twice daily and leave on as long as I can before rubbing it in. It doesn't penetrate very quickly so that is a downside. However the results are fantastic. I now have excellent nails that just don't seem to break. I don't worry about them now Also as I can keep a consistent nail I think my playing is improving too!
I am convinced by the benefits of this product and highly recommend it to other guitartists!