Wives Tales and Nail Care

Have you heard of the absolute best way to look after your nails?

Here it is...
Take fresh garlic and chop or mince it and then rub it into your nails daily.
If your nails still need some extra help then eat 5 grams of gelatin a day.
If they still need some help then soak them in dish soap (Madge).
Not working yet...
Drink cider vinegar, take food sulfur or eat lots of bread or 
You may have a (insert mineral name of your choice here) deficiency!

PLEASE do NOT rely on hints or tips or commercials from the '60's for your nail care.  As for zinc or iodine or other deficiencies, most people people in the western world do NOT have a dietary deficiency that ALONE with repair damaged nails.  Most nail damage is environmental.  A well rounded dietary supplement with biotin, collagen and other nail friendly ingredients can definitely add to a nail care program but the simple addition of such a nail dietary supplement will not usually be nearly enough to repair nail damage on its own.

Repairing and then easily maintaining natural nails is often about controlling the environmental factors that lead to weak or brittle nails. 

FlexiNail was designed restore and help maintain the nail's natural protective system.  Having a nail with the right level of "moisture" is critical to strong, attractive looking natural nails.  Too little moisture and the nail is weak (think how it is after coming out of a long bath) and too dry and the nail becomes brittle and cracks easily.  You can read more about how FlexiNail works HERE.