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How FlexiNail Works

You just need to know that FlexiNail works, it's easy to apply and we have a 100 day money-back guarantee to back it up.

For those of you more curious about the composition of the nail and why FlexiNail works ...

What's Bad for Your Natural Nails

  • harsh nail products (acetone nail polish remover)
  • cutting cuticles (act as a seal skin to nail plate)
  • poor nail care (pulling hang nails, biting nails)
  • gluing on fake nails or gel nails 
  • exposure to water
  • harsh drying climate (hot or cold)
  • other chemicals (alcohol hand sanitizer etc)

If the nail's natural protective barrier is weakened from environmental exposure like some of the items above then the nail is prone to drying out. This allows the nail to be become brittle and then split or break. Repeated cycles of the nail drying out and then being hydrated can lead to the nail layers separating which can lead to painful and ugly nail peeling.

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FlexiNail works by augmenting the nail's own protective coating and helping stop the nail from drying out. It takes about 20 seconds a day to apply and helps give your nails what they need to look after themselves.

If in your daily life you aren't that gentle on your nails...

  • health care or education (frequent alcohol sanitizer use)
  • flight attendant (frequently in very drying environment)
  • frequent application and removal of nail polish
  • gardening or dishes without gloves
  • etc

Consider a second thin application of FlexiNail daily. 

What's Different About FlexiNail?

For a nail conditioner to show long term results, it needs to penetrate the nail's protective coating. Most conditioning oils don't penetrate - they just sit on top of the nail. Many products also advertise "vitamins" - but in many cases this "vitamin" or antioxidant is one of the ingredients used to simply stop the oil in the product from going rancid and it sounds fancy like you are giving your nails some magic vitamin they need. For a conditioner to be effective though - it has to help and augment the nail's own protection system. The nail is made of packed layers of cells (alpha keratin) and very different in composition from the skin. So what will penetrate easily into the skin will not necessarily help the nail. So applying creams or oils that aren't designed to penetrate nail will not be effective.

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beautiful strong flexible nailsThe nail matrix is critical to ongoing improved nails (the matrix is the part under the cuticle generating new nail growth). Looking after NEW nail growth today, helps ensure healthy looking nails a few months down the road when this new nail growth actually grows out to the ends of your fingers. This is why we really try to encourage everyone to get into a 20 daily routine of applying FlexiNail. Even if your nails are nice now - applying daily helps protect them down the road as well.  It is much easier to help out NEW nail growth from the start than it is to try to dramatically change the existing nail.

Have you noticed that simple nail care information isn't really very helpful or forthcoming? It's because nail care is a HUGE industry (think fake nails, cuticle oils, nail hardeners, etc).  The simple truth is that if you condition your nails with a product that actually penetrates the nail plate - then the rest of the products on the market aren't really needed. 

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AVOID products that claim fast results.

You also need to BE PATIENT.  Fingernails can take 6-8 MONTHS to grow out.  You are not going to apply something to damaged nails and within a few days instantly change them back into great nails. Once they are dried out and brittle or peeling - you need to grow out a portion of this very damaged nail. BE VERY wary of wasting money on products that offer fast results (then check their formula for bad stuff that chemically hardens your nails).  We offer a 100 day money-back guarantee because we want and need you to get into a daily 20 second routine of applying FlexiNail. After this 100 days a large chunk of the most damaged nail will have grown out. Things WILL still continue to improve after 100 days - but most people see a huge improvement by the 100 day mark. (Those taking strong medicines or with thyroid conditions for example may need longer than the 100 days in some cases).

Think of you nail as a piece of FRESH BREAD.  Now leave this bread out in the sunshine for a day and you have a dried out piece of bread. NOTHING you add to this dried out piece of bread will turn it back into a fresh piece of bread. Nothing!  If your nail is already cracked or is peeling (left out bread) - you need to grow out much of this damaged nail while protecting the new nail growth. This can take a couple of months.  Be patient though and you will break the cycle of damaged nails and you will have the great healthy looking nails you have always wanted.

(Click Here for Technical Nail Information and Reasons Why Nails Peel)

FlexiNail isn't out to change the entire nail care industry, but our loyal customers do understand and appreciate how simple it is to IMPROVE and MAINTAIN their nails. FlexiNail has loyal, almost fanatic customers because it works! Just to demonstrate that we're NOT like all the rest - we even offer a 100 day money back guarantee.

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