FlexiNail - A Culture of Caring


FlexiNail - A Culture of Caring

Many of you have come to this site because you already use FlexiNail and are interested in the "Giving Back" program we have created.  If you are new to FlexiNail though, we want you to know we are a relatively small but caring company.  In addition to helping people achieve gorgeous, natural nails - we have been doing small scale chemotherapy programs for over a decade and other caring events like our participation in the Kiva program. Join us on a path to amazing, natural nails for yourself, a friend or family member. 

Purchase our special chemotherapy support package that is occasionally offered on this site (for yourself or as a gift) and know you are also helping to make a meaningful difference to real fighters that will truly appreciate your help. 

If you have been through chemotherapy you know how tough this is on your nails. If you are in a real difficult financial situation and have been through chemo email us your situation and we may be able to send product to you for just the cost of shipping.

Special FlexiNail  Package (Click Here)