NEW to FlexiNail?

FlexiNail will help repair and maintain attractive looking NATURAL nails. If you new to FlexiNail and have already read through some of the other information on the site like these pages:

Then you really have just one decision left. Which package do you want?

The VIP Savings Program is perfect if you are brand new to FlexiNail.  If you don't want this option then we recommend you select one of the following packages. You can click on the package to view it in more detail and then simply add it to your cart and checkout.

  1. Two FlexiNail fingernail conditioners and one cuticle conditioner HERE
  2. FlexiNail fingernail conditioner (bonus bottle), FlexiNail cuticle conditioner and the FlexiNail "Much more than just Biotin" dietary supplement HERE.
  3. View the FlexiNail VIP Savings Program HERE or visit the SPECIALS PAGE and see what package special is available. Please note that when you start with FlexiNail you should really have at least the FlexiNail fingernail conditioner and the cuticle conditioner.