Peeling or Splitting Problem Nails?

Frustrated with your nails?

It's time for a simple, different approach that actually works.

Spend a minute or two reading how simple science will repair your nails. Some products try to artificially harden the nail and some try to just cover up the problem.

Achieve a precise oil and moisture balance in the nail and you'll have strong, amazing looking nails. Guaranteed.

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Why Most Products Fail

Nails NEED a 16 - 18% precise oil and moisture balance.

Unfortunately, the nail plate structure easily allows WATER to penetrate (coming out of a bath) but strongly resists the needed oil penetration. Normal oils won't effectively penetrate the nail plate.

As a result, most nail products are a complete waste of time and money since they can't penetrate the nail plate and achieve the balance needed.

These are Linda Himmel's nails BEFORE FlexiNail.

"I wasted money on multiple different products and nothing works like FlexiNail." Linda Himmel

FAQ's Answered Here

Linda's Nails After FlexiNail

"Here are my nail pictures now. As you can see, FlexiNail gave me back my nails. I’m a customer for life!" Linda Himmel

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The Game Changing Nail Conditioner that Mature Women Trust

"Had artificial nails for over 20 years. Nails were horrible ever since. Have tried numerous products. FlexiNail is the first product to actually work."  Robin

As we age, nail care has unique challenges. Even if you think you have tried everything to repair your damaged nails, FlexiNail is completely different. Learn more below and take advantage of the special trial priced package.

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Four Reasons You'll Love FlexiNail:

1. Simple and Easy to Use

It takes just 30 SECONDS a day. Brush it on and let it sit on the nails for a few minutes. It's that easy to apply and maintain.

"I had gel nails for 30 years, and when I started I had chipped, broken, unhealthy nails. What a great product. Thank you." Wendy Munson

2. NOT Made Overseas

Tired of cheap overseas products? FlexiNail is made in the USA and Canada and shipped free with USPS tracking and we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

"My nails haven’t been this strong maybe since I was in my teens! And I’m 60! I will recommend to anyone who complains about weak nails. Thank you! I’m so glad I found this." Susie Davis

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3. No Unrealistic Promises

If you're starting with FlexiNail, we don't promise immediate results. It initially takes patience to break the cycle of long term nail damage - but your initial patience is tremendously rewarded.

"I had worn acrylic nails for 27 years. They were a mess, and took more than 100 days, but they look amazing. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this good. This is all thanks to FlexiNail. Love this product." Marla Weikle

4. It Works!

How much have you spent on products that have done nothing for your nails? Even if you think you have tried "everything", read about the science behind FlexiNail on our website and then enjoy and show off your gorgeous natural nails.

"I cannot believe that after decades I now have fingernails that I do not try to hide.  It's like magic!  My nails were so dry and brittle. The least little bump would snap them off." Brenda White

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50% OFF Trial Package

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