Nail Care Recommendations during Covid

Three (3) Important FlexiNail Nail Care Tips for this time of year
1. Hand Washing and Sanitizer Use
(This comes to us from Cheryl T.) "Good morning.  Just a suggestion, with everyone using hand sanitizer and washing their hands so much, the nails tend to lose the natural oil. Would it be a good idea to recommend using Flexinail more often? "
Thanks Cheryl.  Everytime we wash our hands or use sanitizer it does indeed partially strip the nails. In addition, it is now the change of season to colder, drier air and that can take a toll on the nails as well.  Before covid, a once a day application of FlexiNail was great to help keep the nail's natural oil balance.  Until we can get back to a little bit more normal times, consider one normal FlexiNail application a day. Then if you find the time, make one or two really quick additional thin applications. This may put a little extra strain on the cuticles so use the cuticle oil a little more often as well.  During covid we are continuing to try and help: We have a special where we are continuing to offer a Bonus glass bottle of FlexiNail along with two FREE vials of FlexiNail for Cuticles. ( click here for FlexiNail specials
2. Nail Polish Use  ( During the Holidays too )
Many of our long time FlexiNail customers know how to use nail polish properly with FlexiNail.  At this time of year we tend to use polish more often and it is just a good time to remind you of the proper way to use polish and FlexiNail ( click here for more info on a nail polish routine ).  Also, try to use a less harsh NON acetone nail polish remover when you take the polish off.  For a FREE bottle of FlexiNail Enhanced Soy Nail polish remover with the purchase of FlexiNail please click here to view the special. 
3. Don't Forget About Your Toe Nails
Winter comes and your toes spend so much more time in a dark and damp places. Both our FlexiNail for Toes and our FlexiNail Fungus product contain natural anti-fungal ingredients.  Additionally, although it seems years away... Spring will be here soon enough and toe nails take a long time to grow so now is the time to start looking after your toe nails. Take a look at this FlexiNail product that is great for problem toe nails or just for a daily maintenance program.