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FlexiNail Fungus Control - Double Pack

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FlexiNail Fungus Control - Double Pack


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Absolutely frustrated with these symptoms of Toenail Fungus? You've tried every topical treatment available but nothing has worked for you? Maybe you just want to do all you can to protect your toe nails from the dark and moist conditions they often exist in.

FlexiNail Fungas toe products have natural anti-fungal ingredients and take just seconds a day to apply for great peace of mind and great healthy looking nails.

The real problem with nail fungus is that it is NOT on the top of the nail - it is IN the nail. Simple topical creams, lotions and antifungals can't get through the protective properties of the nail. The thick, yellow or black symptoms of toenail fungus that you hate are still there. You may have even considered expensive prescriptions or oral medicine from a doctor, but might not be ready for this route or are unable to because of liver or other health concerns.

Still, nail fungus is such an issue for you that you still haven't given up. Well, we strongly believe your search for a solution is right here. FlexiNail Fungus Relief for Toes is designed to penetrate the protective coating of the nail to get to the source of the fungus and help stop it from spreading to new nail growth. Daily simply applications take just seconds a day.

Please NOTE:  The key to success is patience.  You need to grow out your old nails and this can take many months (toe nails grow slower than fingernails).  You are NOT magically turning fungus nail into great looking nail. You are using the product to not only condition the nail but also to help stop the fungus from effecting NEW healthy looking nail.  As the weeks and months go by your new nail growth without fungus will eventually replace all the old damaged nail.  It takes a long time but stick with it and hopefully you will be done with it once and for all and didn't have to put yourself through oral medication (which also by the way takes a very, very long time).

Just get in the habit of daily 20 seconds applications and then just be patient.