The Ugly Truth About the Nail Care Industry

Natural Nail Care: It's not rocket science - but it is science.

Don't let the nail care industry fool you. Behind their glamorous façade lies a relentless pursuit of profit, rather than genuine care for your nails. They entice you with promises of flawless, picture-perfect nails, but the truth is they often sell you product after product that is ineffective or even detrimental to your nail health. If they wanted to help your nails, they would teach you how easy it is to really repair and then maintain natural nails. If you're ready to reclaim the natural beauty of your nails, take a moment and read this article.

Many products flooding the market are nothing more than quick fixes, offering temporary beauty at the expense of your nail health. Avoid any nail product offering fast results, more than likely it would do more harm than good. These products are often made overseas in the cheapest manner possible and when they don't work, another product or an artificial nail system will be readily suggested.  Fake nails, for instance, may give you the immediate desired length and appearance, but they often destroy your natural nails, causing them to become weak, brittle, painful and prone to breakage.  Artificial nails can also trap moisture and lead to issues like fungus and other problems. These products cover up a real problem and create a cycle where you become almost trapped to return to the salon every couple of weeks for the rest of your life.

 "The last picture is my nails today, May 29,2023. It took 6 months of daily FlexiNail use (at least twice a day). My nails have never been this strong & healthy. After 20+ years of acrylic & gel nails I will never go back & allow my nails to be so damaged! I had incredible damage, nails pulling away from the nail beds & fungus!!  Thank you, FlexiNail!"  Karen Phillips


Fortunately, you don't need to rely on the nail salon. Achieving naturally beautiful nails is easily within your reach, and it starts with understanding the science behind nail care. It's not complicated rocket science - but it is science. By delving into the fundamental principles and taking a few simple steps, you can have nails that shine with health and exude natural beauty.

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Nail is created as new nail cells push older nail plate cells forward; and in this way older cells become compressed, flat, and translucent.  Nails are not living cells and applying vitamins or essential oils is really a waste of time and money.  One of the most crucial and simplest aspects of nail care is maintaining the correct moisture balance in your nails

Moisture is essential for maintaining the health and integrity of the nail plate, as it prevents brittleness, cracking, and peeling. However, too much or too little moisture can also cause damage to the nail. It is not just moisture though - it is finding the right balance between water and oils within that moisture content.  

Water Content - The Good:

Your nails, like the rest of your body, require hydration. Water is a main component of the nail plate, along with oil and accounts for about 18% of its weight in a healthy nail. Water helps keep the nail flexible and resilient.

Water Content - The Bad:

However, excessive exposure to water, such as through prolonged soaking or frequent hand washing, can weaken the nail. It causes swelling and shrinking of the nail plate, which can weaken its structure and make it more prone to breakage.  If it causes layers of the nail to actually separate it can lead to long term peeling problems. 

OIL Content - The Good:

Oil is a natural substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin and the nail fold. Oil helps lubricate and protect the nail plate from water loss and environmental factors. Oil also helps fill up the spaces in the nail plate and prevent water from entering and causing damage.

OIL Content - The Bad:

Too much oil can make the nail greasy and dull, while too little oil can make the nail dehydrated and fragile. Natural oils in the nail can also be easily removed through the chemicals in our daily lives (soap, sanitizer etc) so supplementing these oils is often required. The nail plate is very difficult for anything except water to penetrate easily so not all oils work equally - make sure any formula used is designed to penetrate the nail plate.  

Regulating Water and Oil Content in the Nail

There are of course other causes of weak or brittle nails such as medical issues, nutrient deficiencies, excessive use of harsh nail products like acetone, frequent manicures or even aggressive nail filing.  In most cases though, beautiful natural nails can be achieved by lessening the use of harsh nail products and instead applying a conditioning product to help achieve the correct oil and moisture content that promotes nail strength and resilience.

Start Now with these Simple Steps to Healthy Looking Natural Nails

  • Never use acetone
  • Avoid excessive exposure to water
  • Minimize exposure to harsh chemicals and detergents
  • Only use nail polish free of the worst chemicals
  • If using nail polish, take breaks between color changes

If your natural nails still need help with peeling or cracking then consider a nail conditioner product like FlexiNail. It is NOT an overnight fix, but it will work over time to achieve the proper oil / water balance in your nails.  For the cost of about one trip to the salon, you can help repair and maintain your natural nails for many months. This one step alone is often enough to break the long term cycle of nail damage.

Remember, your nails are not a commodity to be exploited for profit. You don't need to return to the salon every couple of weeks to have great looking nails. Take control of your nail care routine and discover the path to naturally beautiful and healthy nails. With the right knowledge and these simple steps, you can break free from the clutches of the nail care industry. Start your journey towards vibrant, natural nails today.

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Megan Aubry:  "I do not do reviews online- ever. But, when I began using FlexiNail this spring, I decided to document the terrible condition of my nails so that I could send in before and after photos, should your product actually work.

Patience is a virtue and I did need it, especially weeks 6-9 of use. I can say that this is finally something that works, and over many years I have tried multiple ‘nail hardeners’ and other products to have decent looking fingernails. Nothing worked until now. I have already gotten one friend to start using it. Anyone with bad nails need to try it."

Laura Miller: 

I just wanted to share my Flexinail progress with you. I started faithfully using Flexinail In July after my nails had become seriously damaged by removing gel polish incorrectly multiple times. 
Thank you so much for this product! It does take time, but the results are irrefutable!!! 
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