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All three (3) bottles for $19.95

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JOIN our VIP program trial for just $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Start with these three bottles of FlexiNail (four month supply) to naturally repair your problem nails and keep them in great shape.

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What a Deal!

The three (3) bottle package of FlexiNail is just $19.95 (reg. $68) when you enroll in our VIP club and includes free shipping.

Then it's just $9.95 a month and every fourth month you get an amazing package of products sent to you.

Natural nail care has never been easier or less expensive.

Cancel ANYTIME - You are NEVER locked in. If you cancel you will lose the BONUS PRODUCTS that come with the future shipments and can NOT become a VIP member again for 2 years. USA customers only

What Bonus Products?

On your second shipment you will receive a full size bonus product like this ReVitC Anti Aging Super Serum ($29 value)

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Want Gorgeous Natural Nails?

"All I can say is WOW!!! I have had weak, peeling nails my entire life (I'm 59 years old). I have tried a million different things with little to no improvement.

I had given up.  Then, I saw this and ordered.

My nails have stopped peeling and are growing strong. I am overjoyed, it makes me cry with happiness! I can't thank you enough,  it's amazing!!!!!"

Kim W.


Arrives in just a Few Days

Get enough FlexiNail with this package to treat your nails for FOUR (4) FULL MONTHS.

This package will arrive with USPS tracking to your door in just a few days.


Get Spoiled!

Just $19.95 now, and then $9.95 a month with additional FlexiNail shipments arriving every fourth month. (Cancel anytime)

You will especially love the follow up shipments because you'll receive FREE BONUS FULL size nail and skin care products in these shipments!



This program is for meant for YOU.

An affordable monthly charge and reliable shipments every four months.

Repair your damaged nails and keep them in amazing shape.

You will love the included free BONUS products that arrive after your first shipment as well.

Our goal is to completely spoil you with this program.

Join Today for $19.95

How can we do this at this price?

It's actually WIN - WIN.

You get an incredible deal and we get a happy loyal customer.

When you love your nails you will tell your friends about FlexiNail.

In today's digital age, advertising is brutally expensive and fewer and fewer people even trust on-line ads anyway. Having happy customers talking about FlexiNail means more to us than any advertising.

We're also able to prepare products and shipments in advance to better utilize our staff and that helps us keep costs down as well.

You may remember an old commercial: "...and she'll tell two friends"

We are going to make sure you feel spoiled. We know you're going to tell AT LEAST two friends, and so on and so on... and everybody wins.

FlexiNail is celebrating 15 years of shipping direct to your door. We are also A+ on-line accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

We know this program is amazing and offers incredible value, but we also know a membership program isn't always for everyone.

If you would rather just pick and choose which products you would like for a ONE-TIME purchase, then please visit our full catalog.

Four Reasons You'll Love FlexiNail:

1. Simple and Easy to Use

It takes just 30 SECONDS a day. Brush it on and let it sit on the nails for a few minutes. It's that easy to apply and maintain.

"I had gel nails for 30 years, and when I started I had chipped, broken, unhealthy nails. What a great product. Thank you." Wendy Munson

2. NOT Made Overseas

Tired of cheap overseas products? FlexiNail is made in the USA and Canada and shipped free with USPS tracking and we are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

"My nails haven’t been this strong maybe since I was in my teens! And I’m 60! I will recommend to anyone who complains about weak nails. Thank you! I’m so glad I found this." Susie Davis


3. No Unrealistic Promises

If you're starting with FlexiNail, we don't promise immediate results. It initially takes patience to break the cycle of long term nail damage - but your initial patience is tremendously rewarded.

"I had worn acrylic nails for 27 years. They were a mess, and took more than 100 days, but they look amazing. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this good. This is all thanks to FlexiNail. Love this product." Marla Weikle

4. It Works!

How much have you spent on products that have done nothing for your nails? Even if you think you have tried "everything", read about the science behind FlexiNail on our website and then enjoy and show off your gorgeous natural nails.

"I cannot believe that after decades I now have fingernails that I do not try to hide.  It's like magic!  My nails were so dry and brittle. The least little bump would snap them off." Brenda White


Simple and Easy Application

Why most nail care products fail.

Nails NEED a 16 - 18% precise oil and moisture balance.

Unfortunately, the nail plate structure easily allows WATER to penetrate (think of your weak nails coming out of a bath for example) but it strongly resists the needed oil penetration. Normal oils won't effectively penetrate the nail plate - instead, special ingredients are required in a formulation to enable oil penetration of the nail plate.

Without added penetration enhancement, most nail products are a complete waste of time and money.

Specially formulated FlexiNail is different and trusted. We look forward to spoiling you with great products and exceptional customer service as we have been doing for the last 15 years.