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Three (3) FREE Product Special

Are You NEW to FlexiNail?

If you are not sure what you want or need, this package gives you everything you need (and more) for an amazing natural nail routine.   

Here is what you get with this package:

- Two (2) Vials of FlexiNail Fingernail Conditioner

- One Vial of FlexiNail Cuticle Complex

- 1 Bottle of FlexiNail "Much more than just Biotin" dietary supplement

- 1 FREE Glass nail file and case

- 1 FREE Bottle of ReVitC Vitamin C Serum 

- 1 FREE Bottle of ReVitC Hyaluronic Acid Serum

If you purchased all these items separately it would cost over $160.
With this special we have it available for $79.55.   



 This is a premium package of everything you need to repair and maintain you nails, cuticles and hands for four months.

Like everything on our site (except our VIP program) this is a one-time purchase and if you want more product in the future you will have to come back to the site to reorder.



Additional Details: 

FlexiNail Fingernail Conditioner:  Includes two bottles. Use HALF of one bottle a month for most effective results.  This is enough for one or two applications a day.  After a month, one half of the first bottle should be gone. Increase or decrease usage so that you are applying approximately half a bottle per month.  It is easy to apply and you can view full application details on this FlexiNail page HERE 

FlexiNail Cuticle Complex:  This is very concentrated and simply brush on a thin application to cuticles.  Initially start with once or twice a day and then apply it once in a while to keep the cuticles in great shape.  

FlexiNail "Much more than just Biotin" dietary supplement:  Most of you have heard of hair and skin dietary supplements with Biotin.  While most people in our part of the world do NOT have an actual biotin dietary deficiency, this dietary supplement provides collagen, silica, folic acid and more than 15 other premium ingredients in addition to biotin for a winning combination of stronger nails, improved skin elasticity and healthier looking hair.  Before use please read the full label and consult with your medical doctor to be sure it's right for you.

ReVitC Vitamin C Serum: Why a premium skin serum? We have added this product to our line because of feed back from our FlexiNail customers.  Great looking hands go "hand in hand" with great looking nails.  This is a very premium product we are able to include in this package and features ferulic acid, squalane and much more.  Although this is a facial serum, in addition to the anti-aging benefits it also helps fade hyperpigmentation (age spots). Simply apply a little of this serum to your hands before applying any hand cream that you would normally use.

ReVitC Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Again this product is a customer favorite. Although meant for the face and neck, a little is also great under hand cream. It is an intense skin moisturization with an amino acid complex and three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to activate moisturization throughout the layers of the skin. Simply apply a little of this serum to your hands before applying any hand cream that you would normally use.

Glass Nail File and Case:  If you haven't used a glass nail file you will probably really enjoy the results and feel.  Always remember to file in the same direction (not back and forth across the nails).