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CoronaVirus Update

March UPDATE:  We are mostly in stock on all products - there are certain products that may be out of stock for a few days at a time as we continue to use new suppliers and logistics - but at this point the out of stock time is being kept to a few days on the effected products.
Please also know that there are currently some delays with Fedex, UPS and USPS and this increased lateness is causing delays from suppliers shippers and well as some delays in the time it takes to ship from our warehouse to you.
We are currently able to ship most orders within one business days but USPS may be delayed a day or two in some (or many instances during this next three weeks). Aside from these delays within the USA, the major issue remains shipping outside of the USA - for overseas shipments out of the US to the U.K. or Australia and even Canada - please expect and plan for orders to take 4-7 WEEKS with UPS. International shipment timing is completely out of our control at this point.  We are working our hardest to keep delays that we can control to a minimum. 
Everyone is struggling with the new realities of coronavirus.  We are washing our hands more and using a lot more hand sanitizer. Our hands, nails and cuticles are suffering as a result and we are experiencing some dramatic spikes and increases in demand for FlexiNail - especially as visits to nail salons are temporarily stopped or delayed. 
We are working as hard as we can to produce and ship in a timely manner. At the same time we deeply value our employees and are also working with them to accommodate work schedules in this new environment. It has proven difficult to accommodate this short term spike in demand with less people but we are doing our very best. At this point we are only delaying shipments by a couple of days at most and hope you will understand IF you order is slightly delayed.
Effective immediately, instead of increasing prices we are trying to supply everyone with extra product or discounts to help with dry hands and cuticles from all the extra washing and hand sanitizer.
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    Further updates will follow if we experience any shipment delays beyond a couple of days. We hope that during these extraordinary times that everyone stays healthy. Patience has always been a mainstay of using FlexiNail and now we also hope that everyone stays patient with each other and even takes extra steps to help look after friends and family (and even strangers) during these challenging times.